Sunday, April 15, 2007

a NEW fun style ;)

I am a fickle bag maker...

I get bored easily and I am currently sick of the styles I've been making-

so I came up with a new one ;)

I call this style the ALEX bag - in honor of my oldest, darling daughter Alexandria!!

check it out:

it comes in 3 sizes!!!

these are the large size.


Sherri said...

Love these Ann-Marie!
Love the fabric!

Stac :) said...

Hey, Ann-Marie! I want the bag in the top picture, but how do I order it. This is Stacy by the way that use to live in SLC, now we are down in St.George. I really really love "that" bag. E mail me Thanks :)

Mara-May* said...

AM your new bags are adorable!!!
I love the new style!