Friday, September 19, 2008

giraffe print handbags

I see them everywhere i go - giraffe print handbags and purses!

I love them!

I have been on the look-out for a GREAT giraffe print fabric to make some bags. I finally found it!!

these are made from a heavy canvas- they are thick and sturdy!

and very stylish!! ;)


NancyJones said...

now your making me wish i could sew and that is a big accomplishment on your part because I detest it hahahaha
I have nightmares that involve 7th grade home ec!
This is just too scrumptiously cute!

Jenn (scraprascal) said...

QUIT tempting me!! I've had way too many birthdays lately to spend on myself!

cannycrafter said...

These are just great!!!

ToneF said...

WOW! Those are gorgeous!!!
Hope you have a lovely week-end :o)

Karen Lopez said...

OMG!!! Love this bag!! :) :) :)

Kelly said...

Fabulous bags!! You are so clever!
Wish I could sew!!

Shanz said...

Love that green! As usual, your skillz amaze me!
You are my idol!

Karen Lopez said...

See you tomorrow!! :)

MamaNeena said...

I just found your site and I am seriously in love with your bags!!!!!!!