Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm pretty sure I have QMADD-
Quilt Making Attention Defecit Disorder~
I start a project, I'm all into it, plugging along, nearly finished and I lose interest in it..
or I see something somewhere that looks fun and I just have to try it out and the previously started project gets pushed aside!

I was plugging along on this one-

I love it, only one print and a whole bunch of yummy solids in blues and greens- all I have left to do is add the borders and the whole top would be done...
but I keep seeing all these cool starburst blocks online and I just had to make a few-
so the cute little 'blues' quilt has been tossed aside!
QMADD for sure!

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sew katie did said...

I've got the starburst on the mind too. Already have the fabrics and sort of design with them thought out, but need to push other projects aside to get to them.